Is your blog or e-newsletter gathering dust?

Sorry. Not sorry. Yet another Bernie meme.

Or to mish-mash a line from The Princess Bride.

“Bernie memes — what brings us all together.”

I have no idea who created this one, or I’d gladly credit them.

This sparked another late night conversation with my daughter. We connected. 

…Remembering fondly a more innocent bygone era in her life when she could watch endless episodes of The Beverly Hillbillys. 

Let me tell you a story that might make you think twice about your professional service firm and how you should connect with your clients — present and future.

In 2020 we felt a lot of connections shatter.

Our relationship with our well-liked orthodontist was one of them. Why?

I can only imagine the chaos and crushing blow that Covid-19 brought to this warm, friendly, thriving practice. 

Our appointments got cancelled for over 6 months.

Yet another small #covid19trauma. My daughter’s braces will be in place for another year. 

Sadly, the orthodontist’s communication system failed. Somehow we got disconnected from their text messaging system. We hadn’t heard from them in months.

We accidentally missed our last appointment. 

If they’d had an email newsletter and blog, I think we’d still be in touch. 

I literally signed up for classes in 2020 from a business I hadn’t used in over a year. Why? Their email. Their blog. 

I also purchased services from a company — because of their email newsletter.

While video might be content marketing king, blogs are the QUEEN of communication.

How can I help you communicate and reconnect with your clients today? I’m happy to be your voice of female empathy that you need to connect with your clients.

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