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The only session at #DTCCSMC2019 I attended that was not led by a millennial social media expert was the keynote speaker. Michelle Freeman of #freemanstage fame in Delaware IS mother to a 28 year old millennial. Does that count?

She shared her powerful “climb from the bottom up” story in a nutshell. We all cheered for her many years of productive, positive, inspiring sobriety.

Her message was right in sync with what each breakout session speaker already had in place in their power-point presentations. Tell your authentic story. Create connectivity.

Word of the Day?

Hands down, AUTHENTICITY was the unplanned top word. Tell authentic stories. Be authentic in your business. Don’t fake it. Millennials know when they’re being “sold” to. Yes, almost across the board, you will be marketing to millennials. So pay attention to them!

Funniest fact?

The human attention span is now 7 seconds long. A goldfish’s attention span is 8. There’s a lot of noise competing for that 7 seconds, so think outside the box.

Sadly — not funny — teachers are competing with social media in the classroom. They report that kids don’t even know how to have a conversation anymore.

Me first? Uh, no!

That puffy resume. That stuffy LinkedIn profile. That long ranting web page about your business? Not gonna cut it. You need client-centered marketing on all of your content channels. What are your client’s needs? Problems? Desires? Put your client first.

You can KISS!

Or, Keep It Simple, Sweetie! Social media content marketing is morphing rapidly. Don’t think you have to show up on every platform. Do show up consistently on the platforms you do use. For Facebook and Instagram, showing up at least every other day is important.

The perfect video?

Yes to the video. No to perfection! While you need video content on your social media platforms, you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional. Sometimes simple, candid clips shot on your iPhone can garner the viral attention that every business dreams of. Follow the above steps when planning your video. Simple. Authentic. Client-focused.

Favorite millennial social media platforms?

About 90% voted for Instagram. Surprise, surprise, though! The fastest growing crowd of Twitter users? YOUR grandparents! Maybe Twitter is where the generations connect?

Are websites dead?

According to at least two millennial experts, NO! While this will not be your “hottest” social media real estate, you can conduct some great social connectivity and plant anchor content there which is NOT owned by social media platforms.

I might add that some businesses are finding connectivity with once-a-month email marketing. Once a month was the latest recommendation. Your email list? Totally your own real estate on the web.

When to boost a Facebook post?

All Facebook post boosts should be very targeted to your area and demographic and strategically timed, especially if you’re running a special event connected to your business. Great time to boost a post is about a week before the event.

It’s okay to be late to the social media party.

If you’re being authentic wherever you show up, your clients will share. Make it easy for them to find you, yes! So go set up that business Facebook page and start your IG account. (Ummm, working on that one next — that was my biggest personal takeaway). Then be consistent.

Use your dog for a mascot?

Delaware Beaches Mascot? Whatcha think?

Yes, yes, yes! Dogs are good for business. So are cats. From security cats on Facebook to dogs wearing swag, a furry mascot does not hurt business! If you can warm up your content with some fur, well, just do it already. Pets: the new universal language?

So which content cat do I choose? I’ve got three! I’m in a bit of a pickle now. Ha! Especially since I’ve accidentally acquired TWO alpha males.

For a new-found friend of mine who works with #CHEER as a community relations director, a pet mascot for seniors is a gold-mine idea. How could you make this work for your business?

If you attended #DTCCSMC2019, I’d love to hear your takeaways, too. Each of us tuned in to something different. Please COMMENT and SHARE!