When you need fresh inspiration for your business, read a new book!

Here’s what I’m dipping into between doctor’s appointments, end of summer activities, and writing web pages for a client. Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done In Less Time by Brian Tracy.

Now, I really don’t think procrastinating is my biggest problem, but getting more done in less time? Well, I’m all over that one.

Some tasks I need to automate. Some tasks I need to delegate. Some tasks I just need to throw onto next month’s or even next year’s pile.

As Tracy puts it, you just cannot get it all done. You never will. But what’s the most valuable thing you should be doing each day? That’s the frog you need to eat.

WRITE IT DOWN! As he puts it, think on paper.

The most important tasks I need to tackle first thing. Every. Single. Day. Eat that FROG!

What things in your life and business are so important that only YOU and your special gifts can accomplish them?

Another question to ask yourself is this: What do I stink at or hate doing that I can delegate to someone else? (Someone who adores those neat calculations and entering data — well, that’s their zone of genius, not mine!)

I’m loving this book. Tracy writes with such clarity that I can read for ten minutes and take away something actionable. That’s value.

Hello! How clear are you on the VALUE you offer your clients? Are you timely, accessible, the best in your field?

So let’s “eat that frog” together.

I’d love to help you clarify your unique value. Whether it’s a friendly, monthly voice in an email newsletter or blog post, your personal web bio, or your needed web copy makeover, I’m your writer gal! Let’s talk: julia@marketingcontentsolutions.com or 443-362-8789