When you’re stuck in your content writing, here’s a tip that might get you going.

Try The Power of Three

Can you identify three reasons why your target audience should be interested in what you have to say?

My three reasons to support my statement are taken from floral design principles, student tutoring successes, and personal writing experience.

For some reason, we’re wired to tune in to odd numbers which lead to even numbers — but I digress. 

The Power of Three in floral design

I first heard this tip from a floral designer. She trained in the design art of Ikebana while a #milspouse in Japan. 

Often — not always — her simple, yet elegant designs centered on a focal point of 3 lovely flowers carefully placed at artful angles. 

The Power of Three to enable student writers

Then I encountered this yet again while training young writers in the art of logically ordering what they have to say. 

Create a thesis statement. Support your statement this way: for three reasons. 

Even my ADHD students could succeed with this type of writing framework.

The Power of Three and me

I find myself quickly outlining material I’m researching in any topic matter this way. 

If you start with your “one big idea” as promised in your headline, you may only need three supporting reasons. 

Or you may begin with three major points and add three supporting reasons to each point.

A beautiful, logical blog post can be more effectively created with only three major points in this fashion. 

Have you tried The Power of Three? I’d love to hear!