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Get the help you need to socialize your business content! Don’t see the package combination you need? Just ask!

1 Page Testimony

2-3 Business Days Turnaround Time

1-2 Pages Testimony

3-5 Business Days Turnaround Time

Website Bio+Social Media Bio

7 Business Days Turnaround


Need to ramp up your visibility? CLARIFY your marketing message and CREATE client connections! 

RESULTS: I will help you become visible and build trust with your target market.

  • Develop a 3-month blog content calendar. Start building that KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor.
  • Write 2 blog posts OR email newsletters per month 350-500 words. Includes strategic keywords (SEO optimized).
  • NEED MORE TIME and VISIBILITY? I will cross-post blog post links on your business Facebook page and the LinkedIn page as a social media mini-manager. I save you TIME, HEADSPACE, and MONEY. 
  • To keep your retainer spot, we’ll chat at the end of month 2 about moving forward with a longer-term relationship.


RESULTS: Because great business relationships take TIME and EFFORT. WHY should your clients buy from you?  

  • Create a 6 month content calendar. (Free 30 minute content strategy phone call prior to the first post.) 
  • Write 4 blog posts per month OR email newsletter, 500-600 words (Includes strategic key words.) Includes choice of 2 headlines per post for split-testing purposes. 
  • Provide 2 complimentary images per blog post. 
  • Need more time? Social Media mini-manager services. I’ll cross-post a blog post link to your business Facebook page & LinkedIn page with relevant hashtags – 2x each month. SOCIAL MEDIA Plus!


RESULTS: I help you go full-steam with your content marketing! 

  • One hour brainstorming business intensive session first month. First month fee includes developing a business content strategy, ideal client avatar, and business key word bank. (You can use this across all marketing platforms.) Love on your connections! Create community. Gently educate your potential clients. 
  • Create a 6 month content calendar. Clarify your ideal client avatar/target audience. SEE more results. What resonates with your ideal market?
  • Write 4 blog posts 700+ words (Pricing depends on length of blog posts/articles requested) each month – includes strategic key words and 2 free images per post.
  • NEED more time? Social Media mini-manager services. I’ll cross-post a blog post link to your business Facebook page & LinkedIn page with relevant hashtags- 4x each month. SOCIAL MEDIA Plus!
  • Write a teaser/hook email per blog post for you to send out to your email list (about 150 words)
  • Interview and SHOWCASE a happy client (or amazing staff members) and write a 300+ word polished success story with the client or staff that you vet. Repurpose this across all of your marketing content and on your website. Your clients will get to know, like and trust you!
  • OR let’s chat about a CREATE-YOUR-OWN-PACKAGE based on our brainstorming session which might include an e-book or video course script. 


“Julia is an excellent content writer and has a fantastic character. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on multiple occasions. She writes with clarity and beauty. She takes ownership, contacts clients directly, seeks to understand their needs, probes deeper when needed; the result is awesome! I’d recommend her anytime.”

--- Jonathan McCluskey

“In the course of my work as a professional editor, I have had the privilege to work with Julia Daniels on several occasions. I find her writing to be fresh, engaging, and relevant! I would not hesitate to recommend Julia to any business owner looking to capture the attention of a potential market.”

-- Martie Callaghan, Freelance Writer & Editor

“Julia is an excellent writer and very passionate about her work. She was very easy to work with and submitted content on time, every time. I would recommend her services to any business in need.”

-- Katelyn Lattimer, Sr. SEO Technologist

AMN Healthcare

“We worked with Mrs. Daniels to perform a client interview and draft a testimonial. Mrs. Daniels was prompt and professional, and her writing hit exactly the right tone; the client felt it came out exactly how he had intended. Our client later commented that working with Mrs. Daniels was a pleasure. We also had a fantastic experience and highly recommend her for writing, editing, and client interviews. She saved us time and energy, provided a great result, and we will happily continue to leverage her services.”

Matthew Miller, Manager – Architecture & Design