What keeps your client AWAKE at night?

They might be dreaming big about future plans. 

More than likely, though, they’re worried about a current problem.

If you’re a professional service provider, your clients usually need you for 2 main reasons:

1.) Routine maintenance to PREVENT future problems. What kind of problems do you solve?

-Estate planning

-Financial planning

-Marketing content

-Social media planning

-Fitness or wellness strategy

2.) Immediate HELP! They’re currently in a hot mess. They need your services to get out of it! 

Does your web copy, social media content, and ALL of your marketing content print materials immediately address your client’s concerns?

We call these pain points in “marketing content speak”.

Only when you address these do you actually help your client reach their dreams and goals.

I often perform a web copy critique or help with content marketing strategy. Surprisingly, this is a common missing ingredient. No pain points. Or, I find very subtle, hidden pain points.

Sometimes all YOU need is a fresh set of eyes on your marketing content and a strategy. 

I’d be happy to help!