Hello, I’m Julia!


I’m delighted to meet you! Usually when I write, my content cat is curled up happily beside me. His friendly purr adds warmth to my words.

I’m a sucker for a great story, whether written or oral. As a private tutor, I always use stories to connect with my students. The same strategy works for your business content!

How did I begin writing for businesses? (I’ve never stopped writing since high school.) But simply put, I had an A-HA moment when a neighboring boutique owner asked me to whip her boring web copy into shape. She was delighted. So was I. I gave her authentic business story an online presence. Years later, with many courses and coaching under my belt, I’m STILL helping businesses communicate.


My past years providing customer service with a smile for a variety of professional service providers paid off.

Now I add that smile to your content when I dig deep to help your content shine. Ready for my questions?

Oh, and if I’m away from my phone, please leave a message! My thinking cap is on, or I’m out on a rejuvenating walk through the woods. Perhaps I got temporarily lost in a garden somewhere. But I’ll be back promptly or my cat will be nipping at my heels.


2015 – Present

Marketing Content Solutions

Freelance Business Writer

2014 – Present

Classical Conversations, Inc.

Foundations Tutor & Challenge I Director

2004 – Present

Small Business Owner

Private tutor and manager