The ONE piece of junk mail I read this week…

Cute puppy, relevant news, and my name’s on the front page… #personalizedmarketing

I’m not a customer of Geico. But their latest snail mail advertisement caught my eye. Ninety-nine percent of the time all such mail hits the trash immediately. So I set out to analyze my own response. Why did I bother opening and reading this?

  1. My name caught my eye. Sure, I’ve seen this trick before. They pulled my name off of some list. Added me to their ad campaign. At least they used my name. I’ve recently had daily LinkedIn connection requests. Guess what? They hit the junk mail bin almost immediately. Ninety-nine percent never personalize a message. So why should I bother connecting?
  2. Cute pet photos are eye candy if you’re a pet lover. According to a recent APPA National Pet Owner’s survey, 68% of Americans own a pet. Geico hedged their bets pretty accurately. Most of us like pets. Knowing some basic facts about your target market is a great place to start personalizing your outreach.
  3. Right now if you have a friend in the federal government, you know their personal budget has taken a hit in January. Relevant news for the target market. I’m not a federal employee, but I have several friends affected by the recent government shut down. Either share news that affects your target market or at least sympathize with their problems.

All it takes is a few minutes of your time to do a little research and personalize your marketing or networking efforts. #goldenrulemarketing

So I’d be delighted to hear from you on LinkedIn, but if you do reach out, please tell me what we may share in common and why we should connect, okay? I promise to do the same for you.