Work With Me

Why work with me? I’ve worn many hats including: customer service specialist, tutor, piano teacher, caretaker for seniors, proofreader, and business writer!

Personal touch with warm, friendly words.

I’ve been that “front desk lady” solving problems and smoothing ruffled feathers with a smile and a listening ear. Your business matters to me, because I’ve also been a small business owner.  Not surprisingly, each professional service or wellness provider has one thing in common. Everyone needs warm, friendly content that provides value to their client.

Do you sell complex services or technology? I simplify complexity.

As a veteran educator, I drill down for creative stories and bite-sized, clear, concise explanations.

Teaching music to hundreds of students in this fast-paced world has taught me this — bore your students, and you’ll lose them! What a shame to bore a beautiful mind, right?  Especially if you’re a B2B business, you need lively, interesting marketing content.

A freelancer “frees” up your time! 

I’ll be a reliable remote member of your marketing team providing warm words that sell. Getting your job done by or before the deadline is very important to me.

Never fear! I love meeting new people, and I’ll treat your clients respectfully as I interview them for happy client stories, and speak to them on your blog or in your email newsletter.

I understand that great businesses build trust over time, just like I built my own student clientele. That steady drip of helpful, friendly content (regular blog posts or email newsletters, for example) is how I can help your professional service or wellness business with its digital marketing and content strategy.

Here’s how I help my clients:


















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