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Get the help you need to socialize your business content!

BASIC BUDGET MARKETING: Just testing the waters? I will help you:

  • Develop a 3 month blog content calendar customized to your business.
  • Write one MONTHLY blog post 350-500 words. (Includes strategic key words you want to be searched for via Google and one free image.)
  • Cross-post on your business Facebook page and LinkedIn page, if applicable.

MARKETING PLUS: Your six month relief package with amazing extras:

  • Create a 6 month content calendar.
  • Write 2 blog posts, 900-1000 words per month (Includes strategic key words.)
  • Provide 2 free images per post.
  • Write a teaser/hook email with blog link to one blog post of your choice. You send this out as a monthly email newsletter to your email list.
  • Cross-post to your business Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

PREMIUM CONTENT MARKETING: You’re ready to go full-steam with your content marketing!

  • Brainstorming business intensive session for 1 hour. First month fee includes developing a business content strategy and business key word bank.
  • Create a 6 month blog content calendar.
  • Write 2 blog posts 1,000 to 1,200 words each – includes strategic key words.
  • Provide 2 paid images per post.
  • Write a teaser/hook email with blog link to each post to be sent out to your email list.
  • Interview 6 happy clients (or amazing staff members) and publish a 200 word polished success story per month with client or staff that you vet.
  • Cross-post blog posts and success stories to your business Facebook and LinkedIn pages

You can pay each package deal upfront for a 10% discount. OR, you may pay monthly through an automated deduction payment.

Other Content Marketing Projects I love to write:

  • Professional Bio/About Me pages for your website, or other web copy
  • Polished Happy Client Stories
  • Business Brochures/product descriptions with a friendly touch
  • LinkedIn Profiles — I specialize in client-facing profiles, not resume-style (too old school)
  • GHOSTWRITING ebooks, advertorials, and lead magnets — I’d love to tell your story.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get ‘er done already.  Email:  or CALL 443-362-8789.

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